Constantine Group

We take a long-term view to our investments and we invest without a time horizon. We do not invest in businesses with the intention of selling them on.

We develop and nurture our investments by forming co-operative partnerships with the management teams of the companies in which we invest. We play an active role but we do not manage or try to manage the businesses ourselves. The management teams are given the authority to run the businesses in which they have the expertise.

Strategies for Growth +

Our role is to work with the management teams to identify opportunities for expansion and implement strategies for growth. We help develop structures and financial disciplines that make the businesses stronger and more focussed, enabling them to realise their full potential, accelerate business performance and deliver profitable growth.

We also provide all the benefits of financial strength, strategic direction and management support that come from being part of a larger group.

Our aim is to create strong businesses that are leaders in their sector, trading internationally and maximising their full potential.

We invest in people with ideas, passion and a real ability to make things happen

Nigel Prescot, Executive Chairman


Constantine Group currently has investments in four sectors: logistics, manufacturing, property and renewable energy.

Based in the UK, the company’s activities are worldwide, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We are an expanding business, constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in sectors where we can add value and can see potential for growth.