Constantine Group



There are a number of situations when growing businesses can benefit from investment by Constantine Group. Constantine is an enabler to release value and to support a growth strategy and can help in the following situations:

  • You are thinking about selling your business so that you can retire or start a new venture.
  • You want to realise some value from your business but still wish to grow it further.
  • You need additional investment to fund an acceleration of growth either organically or through acquisition.
  • You want to encourage people below you to take over the business.

If you are thinking about any of the options above, then we may be able to help. Our investment criteria will help you decide if  Constantine could be the right partner for you.

Our long term investment strategy lets our management teams focus on growing their businesses

Dominic Akers-Douglas, Chief Executive


Constantine Group currently has investments in four sectors: logistics, manufacturing, property and renewable energy.

Based in the UK, the company’s activities are worldwide, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We are an expanding business, constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in sectors where we can add value and can see potential for growth.