Constantine Group

Constantine Land was first established in 1929 and has been investing in property continuously for over 80 years. The company operates in the retail, retail warehouse, office and industrial sectors, mainly within London, the Midlands and the South of the UK.

Constantine Land specialises in active management opportunities, using its asset management and financial experience to best advantage. Typically, the properties we buy and sell are in the £2m to £8m price band.

How we assisted Constantine Land

The Constantine Group has enjoyed a long association with property investment and development, which has endured through many cycles of boom and bust.

This experience of the cycle helps Constantine Land to maximise the opportunities – by readily providing investment capital – and to mitigate the risks – by applying caution when the market becomes over-exuberant.

Property also provides financial strength to the rest of the Constantine Group through its portfolio of assets.

We are very proud of our heritage but equally ambitious for our future

Kathie Child-Villiers, Non-executive Director


Constantine Group currently has investments in four sectors: logistics, manufacturing, property and renewable energy.

Based in the UK, the company’s activities are worldwide, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We are an expanding business, constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in sectors where we can add value and can see potential for growth.