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In February 2017, after 23 years of ownership by Constantine Group, The Explorer Group was sold to Erwin Hymer Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans.

The Explorer Group is a manufacturer of motorhomes and touring caravans, based in Consett, Co. Durham. The company manufactures products sold under the Elddis, Buccaneer, Compass and Xplore brands. It employs 340 people and has a turnover of £100 million

The Explorer Group has been building motorhomes and touring caravans since 1964. With 1,500 motorhomes and 3,700 touring caravans being produced each year, it is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

How we assisted Elddis +

The Constantine Group acquired Elddis Caravans in 1994, at the time one of more than 20 manufacturers in the UK. Since then, the market has gone through three recessions and has consolidated to just 5 UK caravan manufacturers.

Constantine Group has taken a consistently long-term view, supporting a programme of continuous improvement year after year and investing in the manufacturing processes and plant to keep the company at the forefront of the industry.

In 2012 and supported by Constantine Group, Explorer introduced the SoLiD method of construction – SoLiD is an acronym for Strong, Light, Dry – and became the first manufacturer worldwide to bond its caravans and motorhomes in place of mechanical fixing, a technology pioneered in the aerospace industry and in Formula 1. As the acronym implies, Elddis, Compass and Buccaneer caravans and motorhomes are more than a match for their competitors in the rigidity and durability of construction; they have a low weight, making the caravans suitable for towing by a wider range of cars and the motorhomes more fuel efficient; and they are not susceptible to water damage or leaks. Customers have responded favourably and sales have increased rapidly since.

Manufacturing is a complex business with no “quick fixes” and the long-term investment strategy of the Constantine Group is well-suited to providing the management team at Elddis with the continued support and investment that this sector requires.

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We invest in people with ideas, passion and a real ability to make things happen

Nigel Prescot, Chief Executive


Constantine Group currently has investments in four sectors: logistics, manufacturing, property and renewable energy.

Based in the UK, the company’s activities are worldwide, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We are an expanding business, constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in sectors where we can add value and can see potential for growth.